Senior Professional In Supply Management (SPSM®) Certification Program

Registration Fee: $1,149.00

Are you tired of not getting enough opportunities, respect, and money out of your purchasing career? Well, guess what? Nothing will change unless you take action towards becoming a world-class purchasing professional. You see, today’s employers refuse to reward employees for yesterday’s skills. They demand that purchasing professionals like you use the most modern skills and achieve unprecedented results. They want you to save more money, achieve better operational performance, and reduce risk. So how can you acquire the most modern skills, achieve meaningful results, and convincingly prove your capabilities to today’s employers? There is an impressive purchasing certification that communicates that you are supremely qualified for achieving success. It is the Senior Professional in Supply Management® (SPSM) Certification. Earning your SPSMSM Certification is the action to take if you want to bring the most modern purchasing practices into your organization and achieve your career potential. From reverse auctions and eProcurement to strategic sourcing to improving supplier performance and more, you’ll learn exactly how to deliver results for your employer. And when you make your employer more successful, your own career success is likely to follow!
Fee: $1,149.00


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