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Management and Leadership Studies Certificate

The Management and Leadership Studies Certificate is perfect for a business owner, entrepreneur, manager, leader, or anyone seeking to learn the essentials of business management and leadership. If you are thinking of starting a business or pursuing an MBA, you want to learn the essentials of accounting, management, marketing, tax, law, operations, and strategy. Our Management and Leadership Studies Certificate offers comprehensive training in many important areas, including: • Develop a business best practice • Improve listening and communication skills • Identifying leadership style • Implementing change in an organization • Prepare for negotiations • Determine BATNA in negotiations • Evaluate real-life business issues • Develop collaborative problem-solving skills • Develop an operational plan • Effectively communicate in a persuasive argument The Management and Leadership Studies Certificate includes 9 courses: 1. Business Best Practices 2. Effective Interpersonal Communication and Assertion Skills 3. Organizational Leadership & Decision-Making 4. Organizational Development & Change 5. Negotiation Strategies 6. Seven Management Disciplines 7. Collaborative Problem-Solving 8. Strategic Management in Operations 9. Persuasive Communication    

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