Expert Certificate in Medical Transcription for either the Physician’s Office, Hospital or Home

Registration Fee: $1,999.00


Medical transcriptionists are vital members of the professional healthcare team. Medical transcriptionists transcribe medical reports to document patients` medical care and condition. Most medical reports are transcribed from audio files recorded by the physician, but a growing number of medical reports are first compiled by speech recognition technology, then edited and corrected by medical transcriptionists, or Medical Language Specialists.

The professional healthcare team includes physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians, dietitians, and other healthcare support staff. A vital member of this team is the Medical Transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionists transcribe medical reports from doctor’s dictation in order to document a patient’s medical care and condition. These may include office chart notes, history and physical examinations, consultations, letters, memos, admission notes, emergency medicine reports, procedure notes, operative reports, discharge summaries, x-rays, pathology reports, and many laboratory tests and diagnostic studies. The job title Medical Transcriptionist has changed over the years.  Originally called medical steno and then medical transcriber, the role of today’s medical transcriptionist continues to evolve with advancements in technology and healthcare documentation. Nevertheless, the goal remains the same: integrity in healthcare documentation.

The medical transcriptionist transcribes each report with supreme care. Each transcription becomes a part of a patient`s permanent healthcare record. Medical transcriptionists need extensive knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, pharmacology, human diseases, surgical procedures, diagnostic studies, and laboratory tests to produce an accurate and complete medico legal document. Medical transcriptionists must master English grammar, must have knowledge of medical transcription practices, and exhibit the highest professional standards.

Fee: $1,999.00


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