Pharmacy Technician Career Training Program With Exam Prep

Registration Fee: $2,499.00


The Pharmacy Technician Training program is designed to introduce students on the practice and responsibilities of becoming a Pharmacy Technician in multiple pharmacy environments.   You will complete four 5-week modules of study. This means you will complete the program in 20 weeks!
Module I (5Weeks)
Module II (5 Weeks)
Module III (5Weeks)
Module IV (5weeks)

All weekly assignments are completed on-line and the quick checks are instantly graded. Your will receive the module quizzes and final exam from your instructor.  Once completed you will submit these for grading.  Your instructor is always available by email to answer your questions.

Using state-of-the-art training techniques, computer technology and teaching methods we are able to deliver absolutely the best course to our students.   Our instructor makes learning this material fun and easy! 

Here are descriptions of just some of the topics you will study.

Introductory Course in Pharmacy Math - Calculating and preparing medications for others properly and safely is a top priority for healthcare professionals. Nurses and allied health professionals must sensibly solve medication calculation problems and use rational judgment when determining patient dosages. Healthcare professionals may make drug errors unknowingly by depending solely on the calculation without first determining what the dosage should be. Using critical thinking skills helps in this determination.

Pharmacology – You will learn the most commonly used classes of medications, what conditions they are used to treat and how they work in the body.

Anatomy and Physiology – Learn about the basic anatomy of all the organ systems of the body, what these structures do and how they are affected by disease.

Pharmacy Law and Ethics – Study and explore legal issues surrounding confidentiality, negligence and liability for medical personnel. Learn how to control and maintain narcotic inventories. You will also read about historic pieces of legislation that have shaped the field as we know it today.

Medical Terminology – Often, Medical Terminology can seem like a foreign language, but you will find this subject fascinating and easy to learn. We will show you simple ways to learn and decipher medical terminology describing disease states, anatomy and drug information.

Pharmacy Practice – Explore available career options to Pharmacy Technicians and gain an overview of the field. You will also learn generalized pharmacy knowledge that is essential to any practice setting, such as how to read prescriptions, etc.

Pharmacy Technician National Certification Exam Preparation - Pharmacology Review Pharmacology can be an intimidating subject, but not when you are reading our material! Every section is written in easy-to-understand language. You will study side effects, drug interactions, mechanisms of action and other important information about major drug classifications.

Pharmacy Calculations, the National focuses heavily on math and because of this, the Calculations Review by itself is worth the price of this course! Most Pharmacy Technicians are not confident in their ability to perform difficult Pharmacy Calculations. Teaching calculations is definitely our specialty!

Fee: $2,499.00


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