Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding with MS Office 2016

Registration Fee: $2,699.00


The Medical Coding Training Program is a great career opportunity as the coder shortage continues.  We have trained coders for over 40 years!  Coding is a basic to health care driving all of the reimbursement process as well as creating the huge databases for administration and government. It is a challenging responsibility and it pays well.  

Medical Billing Training program - Learn everything you need to know to become a medical billing specialist. The course includes Health Insurance Specialist and Medical Terminology.  When completed, you will have the skills to go to work.   The training will provide the career skills for medical billing processes in both clinical and institutional settings.  It is complete with comprehensive test and practice exams to provide not only the basic theories needed, but provide lots of hands on experience all the way. 

Also included: This Microsoft Office 2016 training bundle includes beginner, intermediate & advanced levels for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

Fee: $2,699.00


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