Hemodialysis Technician with Externship

Registration Fee: $3,895.00


Hemodialysis Technicians help patients with end stage renal disease, also known as, permanent kidney failure, to receive safe and effective dialysis treatment. It is their duty to ensure high quality care for patients while maintaining professionalism.  This course is designed to prepare students for employment as hemodialysis technicians or dialysis technicians. The technician will help patients with end state renal disease (permanent kidney failure) receive safe and effective dialysis treatments by learning what dialysis is, how dialysis was developed, how to use and maintain dialysis equipment, how to ensure high quality care for patients and how to maintain professionalism. This program will highlight organs and function of the renal system, renal failure/ESRD, Uremia, psychosocial aspects of renal failure, infection control and standard precautions, procedural clinical proficiency, extracorporeal circuit, and water treatments.  Additional requirements to take this program include physical examination form with current immunizations, facility specific lab tests and current Mantoux is required along with copies of current CPR and First Aid cards prior to students doing their externships.  THIS PROGRAM IS BONENT APPROVED!

Fee: $3,895.00


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