Certificate in Professional Technical Communication

Registration Fee: $1,200.00


This Professional Technical Communication Certificate is designed to help new and existing writers work within a range of styles specific to the field of technical writing. This program focuses on advancing the writing styles and competencies needed to create technical written reports, project proposals, feasibility studies, website communications, presentations, manuals, and other forms of technical correspondence. A well-rounded technical writer should have knowledge and writing experience across these areas.

As a technical writer, you may be to write or edit many different types of projects. By applying the principles presented in this course, you can expand your skills to cover a wide range of projects. Just as importantly, you can gain skills that will benefit every project you are assigned. The organizational skills required for a user guide, the attention to client guidelines required for a proposal, and the ability to integrate examples and interviews required for a technical magazine article carry over into other types of writing. In the process of completing this course, you will create a portfolio of well-defined written technical documents, which can be added to or expanded after the class has ended.

Your completed work will be evaluated using the lesson guidelines as criteria. No books are required for this course; instead, web links to multiple resources are provided. Students may complete this program in an accelerated fashion.

This Certificate program requires you to follow specific instructions for each lesson. You may send your completed first lesson to the Course Administrator who will provide any necessary feedback to ensure you are on the right track for developing your course portfolio. Each lesson builds upon the concepts of the previous lesson, and follows the same methodology. When you have completed all of the lessons, you will mail your course portfolio to the Course Administrator to review and grade.

Fee: $1,200.00


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